Are we living in an orderly society? One could argue that a quintessential example of government is a government in which all people are completely free. But, do all people live under the condition of complete freedom. In a civilized society, freedom is when a person is free to do only the acts that fall within the law. But, is that really freedom? I believe freedom is doing all the acts your heart desire to do, but you must be willing to suffer the consequences of doing that act.

Modern civilization can be described as voluntary conformity, or handing over some rights for the benefit and consideration of other inhabitants of society, who share our community and geography. Modern laws and regulation connect us all  in a way that we all may benefit.
Unfortunately, there are some in society, who, although, governed by  laws and regulations,  may not be affected by the law. The  truth is realized in the crimes we see being committed daily, throughout our towns and cities,  to the many victims that  fall prey to those who could care less about the law.

For those citizens in California, who stay abreast of what our leaders in the California Assembly are doing, you may be surprised of the passage of numerous Propositions that swept the house, in 2014, specifically proposition 47, which reduces the classification of "nonserious and nonviolent crimes" to misdemeanors instead of felonies, unless the defendant has prior convictions for murder, rape, certain sex offenses, or certain gun crimes.

Simply stated, proposition 47, requires misdemeanor sentencing for crimes, like Shoplifting, Grand theft, Receiving stolen property, Forgery, Fraud, Writing a bad check, and Personal use of most illegal drugs.
If you are reading this, it is no doubt in my mind, that you've already heard the horror stories of murder having been committed by some of those released to the program...
As the Chief Executive Officer,  of  Black  Dolphin Inc.,  prior to the passage of this bill, I warned many clients of the unintended consequences it would cause.  Its been on the news that after the passage of proposition 47, subjects were witnessed, walking into department stores, grabbing items of clothing and other merchandise,  walking out, and on the way out, they yelled "proposition 47," to the stores associates 
Following the passage of this new proposition, It was like a 4th of July celebration. But instead of celebrating their independence, they were celebrating their freedom to steal, commit crimes absent the fear of repercussion. That's stating it mildly. But to state it bluntly, they were celebrating the decriminalization of shoplifting and other crimes. 
 In the above circumstances, If the item/s stolen, is valued at less than $950, under proposition 47, its a misdemeanor. Thus, don't be surprised if one evening, while yourself and the family, are sitting, enjoying the television set, one of the benefactors of this proposition, walks in and removes the TV  right from under your nose. If the tv has not depreciated down under $950, at the time it is taken, the assailant  will go to jail for committing a felony, if it has depreciated below the established threshold, he'll just receive a ticket to appear in court.   This proposition,  unfortunately, will set the stage for the above scenario to play out, and sooner, if not later, these types of bold acts will be in the daily news.. Citizens should be prepared because  there is a direct correlation between human behavior, criminal acts, and the law. Always be aware, that the law only keeps the honest, honest, and the bad or dishonest locked up.
Take a look at this classic example of what I'm talking about, and I won't have to say more: Semisi Sina, Subject, shown here digging up a lawn as part of his work release sentence, has been arrested 16 times and said he didn't start stealing bicycles until proposition 47 raised the threshold for a felony theft to $950. (Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times). "Now you can get away with it because of proposition 47,  "Sina, said recently in an interview at his parents' home. As you can see, Sina had made the calculated decision to steal bicycles. His new motto? With the help of proposition 47, crime really and truly pays.
In short, proposition 47, reduces incarceration while increasing your odds of becoming  the likely victim of a crime.

D Caldwell Sr