​Dear fellow citizens,

for over 20 years,,  I served in the greatest military in the world,  protecting the  freedoms of my fellow citizens and defending the constitution of this great nation, the United States of America.

For me, the decision to serve, was solely a decision of patriotism without any fore thought of the benefits, or, what the military could do for me. I was more concern about what I could do for my country, not for what it could do for me.

With this in mind, I took the words of President John F Kennedy, literally. "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You - But ask What You Can Do For Your Country."

From the earliest of my recollection, even before I had graduated from high school,  I had believed that no matter what successes I may accomplish in my life, without having joined and served in the armed forces, in the protection of freedom for this great nation, I knew  my life would  be unfulfilled and any accomplishments I made, would mean nothing to me...Thousands of other brave men and  women I served with, were also motivated by true patriotism, the same as me. Thus, they served proudly,  bravely, and heroically.  All of my childhood life,  I grew up believing that Protecting the freedom of my fellow Americans and defending this great nation, was not just my number one goal in life, but my solemn obligation to the constitution, by which we live. Before anything else, this would have to be my first task., out of high school, and one that I took very seriously.

​Now that I've gotten this task out of the way, and have fulfilled my patriotic duty of protecting you, both at home and abroad, my desire, now, is to apply my military expertise in providing high quality, security for you, your loved ones, here at home. So, call us before you need us.. I look forward to serving you sometime in the near future.

Dennis Caldwell Sr,

Black Dolphin Inc.

​A Proud Veteran and Patriot